I would like to ask about the use of ezpay-einvoice-woocommerce in the test environment an

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1 2022-08-22


We have ordered ezpay-einvoice-woocommerce

I would like to ask some questions. Our project is currently in the development stage, and there is a URL of the test environment. In the next stage, another URL of the official environment will be generated.

I would like to ask a few questions:
1. If we install the plug-in in the test environment now, can it be installed in the official environment later?
2. If this plug-in is used in the official environment later, can this plug-in be used normally in the test environment?

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0 2022-08-22


You can install EzPay E-Invoice on any site but the site have to be your own business or service.

1. Yes, you can install on two sites at the same time.
2. Sure.

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